7 nights in all directions and positions




(this report includes many vids - All around 1,2Mb to download)


New Definition of eclectic:

Mixing Rock&Headbang with Ragga&Roll.
       Wagad girls    -    Wagad boys.


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mailto: wagadu @ humanwebsite com ((but it's over now))



WagadTWO: What was nice was the mix of new and old party people:

Party1 - Mark LK & gamle David & Julia Lahme & Frank Hvam.

Party2 - Spaced guy in sofa & Karsten Loud & Spacer & ragga chiquitas.

Party3 - Party Party Party (Tolstrup rocks).


sexy starlettes happy to be guest-DJettes:


soul-queen Karen & ex-pornstar Katja K


girl who sits like they all should.







Halloween Pumpkins from Luftkastellet in Woodstock/Christiania. 

note: DJ Woodstock & DJ Tolstrup = same same.